Visit the grandest amphitheatre of the Roman Empire and the Ancient city center where all roads led from every corner of Europe

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  • 2h30Hour
  • 7 days a week
  • 10+Famous Sites Visited
  • 15 peopleMax Size for 1 Group
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  • Duration : Approximately 2h30 hour
  • When : Everyday at 8.20 am

Beat the queues and join us on a 2 hour guided tour led by a top-rated local expert. We tour the Colosseum and in addition visit all of the major historical sites of ancient Rome, birthplace of civilization and capital of the Roman Empire.

No need for maps or audio guides as you will have the services of your own local and very knowledgeable guide who will take you on a walk through historical palaces and gardens whilst regaling you with stories of Ancient Rome’s valiant leaders, epic heroes and notorious tyrants.

Inside the Colosseum you will see the arena and seating area as well as other fascinating remains, which make the Colosseum one of the most well-preserved and recognised monuments in the world. Your guide will explain about the spectator pastimes, gladiatorial combats, how the great spectacles were stage-managed and many other interesting and curious facts. Bring the kids – they will have a great time!

The tour then takes you to the Roman Forum and Emperors’ Palace. Today we have The White House in the USA and Buckingham Palace in the UK; in Roman times the Emperors’ Palace was the main residence of Rome’s rulers. The Emperors’ could look down from their residence atop the Palatine hill and have a wonderful view of Rome. Come and marvel at that same breathtaking vista as well as seeing the remains of some of the palace’s beautiful mosaics and frescoes.

The Roman Forum was the main piazza and meeting place for Rome’s citizens. Here you can still see the ruins of the Senate House, the Temple of Julius Caesar, the Triumphal Arches, the House of the Vestal Virgins, the Basilica, the Golden Mile and the Temples of Saturn and Concord as well as many other government and religious buildings.

On your visit to Rome this is a tour not to be missed! Your guide will make it fun and truly unforgettable!

What's included

What's not included

Sites Visited

    • Colosseum: named Amphitheater Flavius, the largest ever built
    • In the beginning location of “Naumachias” - Mock sea battles
    • Each Good Friday
    • the Pope leads a
    • procession that starts
    • inside the Colosseum
    • See the “Vomitoria”: access reserved to standard viewers, while the Northern gate was reserved only to Emperor and his aides
    • Arch of Constantine: the triumphal arch placed between Colosseum and Palatine Hill
    • Palatine Hills: from the time of Augustus Imperial villas where built here
    • Roman Forum: the citycenter of ancient Rome
    • Arch of Titus: honorific arch erected by Domitian in memory of his brother Titus and his victories including the suck of Jerusalem  

Tips & recommendations

  • In hot days of Summer wear a hat and comfortable shoes. Do not forget also to bring camera to take pictures of the great sites you will see

  • Shoulders and kness should be covered when entering churches

  • Bring a bottle of water with you that you can refill from the beautiful and fresh fountains of Rome with great drinkable water

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