The last day of Julius Caesar: from the glory to the Ides of March

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  • 3Hour
  • 7 days a week
  • 10 peopleMax Size for 1 Group
  • Private tour
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  • Duration : Approximately 3 hours
  • When : Everyday at h 10am and 3.00pm

Are you fond of Roman History and want to know more about Julius Caeser?  This tour we will retrace the life and portrait of Julius Caesar: who he was , where did he come from and what did he want to become? We will talk about his secret loves and how they helped him to become a legend. We will talk about the hero, the genius but also the man who was.

The itinerary develops from the Palatine Hill down the Roman forum, covering the most important places that signed the life and last day of Caesar: from his residence, to the Curia Julia, the Senat House, passing by the Caesar Forum to finish at Largo Argentina, where he was stabbed.  We will analyze step by step what happened that day of the Ides of March 44 BC.

What's included

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Sites Visited

    • Palatine Hill: the area of emperor residences


    • Roman Forum: the old city center of Rome


    • Julius Caesar Temple: erected after his death, when he was deified


    • Curia Julia: the Senate House of ancient Rome


    • Caesar Forum: the first of Imperial Forum to be erected


    • Sacred Area of Largo Argentina: the place where Caesar was assassinated



Tips & recommendations

  • In hot days of Summer wear a hat and comfortable shoes. Do not forget also to bring camera to take pictures of the great sites you will see

  • Shoulders and kness should be covered when entering churches

  • Bring a bottle of water with you that you can refill from the beautiful and fresh fountains of Rome with great drinkable water

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