Visit the most pictoresque district of Rome and eat delicious local specialties with a top-rated local guide

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  • 3 Hours
  • 7 days a week
  • 10+Famous Sites Visited
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  • Duration : Approximately 3 hours
  • When : Everyday at 10.30 am and 5.30 pm
  • Price : from €39

Trastevere is considered one of the most typical disctrict of Rome. This neighborhood is a labyrinth made of tiny streets, small shops, and any kind of eateries. Trastevere whose name means "across the Tiber" - hides a lot of historical spots too: among them, Piazza Trilussa, dedicated to a famous Roman poet, the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, probably the first Christian church in Rome, and a lot more. Local food is without doubt the leitmotiv of the tour itself, as Trastevere is full of both typical Roman takeaways and restaurants.

Trastevere remains very traditional and boasts the presence of many old-school craftsmen and traders. Discover their work, unchanged by modernity, like the cold cuts store where you can taste salami and cheese cured in the local Italian tradition. Your guide will show you the off-the beaten paths of this area, and help you to familiarize with the district, full of restaurants of local cooking or bars and pubs where young locals use to spend their night having fun with friend.

The tour includes around 6 different food tastings, you will taste one of the best pizza in town, savour greatest salumi like local Porchetta and cheese like Parmiggiano Reggiano. Also as part of the tour you will try local roman pastries from a local family bakery from 1940.

Before the last tasting, step on Sistus bridge on the Tiber, and take pictures of the big Cupolone, the Saint Peter's dome that reveals itself on background. This tour is a wonderful option to discover the real Roman culture and its food! Don’t miss it!

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Sites Visited

    • Tiber Island, a small island, boat-shaped, in the southern bend of the river Tiber Piazza in Piscinula, raised on a former Roman wellness center
    • The church of Saint Cecilia, patron of musicians
    • Rest of first synagogue in Rome
    • Square of Santa Maria in Trastevere
    • Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere
    • Typical alleys of Trastevere district
    • Piazza Trilussa, named after a famous Roman poet

Tips & recommendations

  • In hot days of Summer wear a hat and comfortable shoes. Do not forget also to bring camera to take pictures of the great sites you will see

  • Shoulders and kness should be covered when entering churches

  • Bring a bottle of water with you that you can refill from the beautiful and fresh fountains of Rome with great drinkable water

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